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Last year I completed my first Marathon in Paris, having run since I was ten done far too much too young, I have some wear and tear in my knees and thought I should try and complete one of my lifetime ambitions before it was too late. Even though my training wasn’t great for it, having to fit round a busy life at work and bringing up my son, I did it in not too bad time considering.

Interestingly the stronger I got the better my knees were and I find myself training for Edinburgh Marathon on May the 31st this year so much for my one and only marathon! I think I have a bit of a competitive streak, I want to do a better time!

This time I have given myself 20 weeks to complete a 16 week training programme, I decided to do this just in case I got injured as I did last time, I have a tendency to get tight calves. It also allowed for me to rest if I got tired.

I don’t think we listen to tiredness enough, I think when you are training you are always looking out for niggles and twinges of injuries but not tiredness. I found last time if I trained tired and perhaps when my muscles hadn’t fully recovered that was when I broke down. I think this is probably due to muscles needing longer to recover when you are older and training when nutritionally depleted.

Well here I am at week five having had my first rest week! The programme I am following is Don Finks Mastering the Marathon for the over forties. So far it has been great although my 5.30am alarms have been hard work on these dark cold mornings. The programme so far has been 2 cross training days, 2 days 1 hour runs and a long run at the weekend, oh and I did a half marathon 3 weeks ago too. Last weekend the run should have been 2 hours, but my calf had felt tight on the Thursday so I did 2 hours cross training in the gym instead. Since then I have had a virus and a bit of a cold so I have been sensible for once and rested. I will start again on Sunday.

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