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I trained again last Sunday and continued where I left off, I did two hours steady as per my programme. I ran well and recovered well.

This week I continued with the plan but on Wednesday I added TRx lunges, squats and some core work. I need to get much stronger, because most of my training is running and biking I have some relative weaknesses. To survive Marathon training and the event itself I need to be stronger.

At any age, but especially as you get older, you cannot carry any muscle instabilities. Some of my muscle imbalances come from a problem with my SIJ and my knee wear and tear. If I squat I tend not to go deep enough because of knee discomfort which has led to my gluteals becoming weaker. Gluteal strength is important in stabilising the pelvis and SIJ on foot strike, gluteals also control hip rotation which in turn controls how you load the Knee. Landing on the knee correctly evens out the load and for me may help to prevent further wear and tear.

I have chosen use the TRx because firstly it is something I can do at home, in a short amount of time, and more importantly the TRx allows me to squat and lunge much deeper which allows me to strengthen my quadriceps and gluteals through a large range without overloading my knees. It is also a great piece of kit for strengthening my core.

I have to say I had some muscle soreness for two days post TRx  (DOMS) and was slightly concerned as I had a 10mile road race this Sunday.

The 10 mile race went well but I just cannot seem to increase my pace. I think it is because so far on my programme of only running 3 times a week the emphasis has been on steady distance runs to get some miles in. I really need to be doing tempo runs to change my pace. This week I have to insert some speed sessions into my long runs ……..I hope this along with the TRx will do the trick so I can achieve the time I want.

Without support my pelvis drops, I have poor hip control, my knee rolls in and foot pronates and there is a limited depth to my reverse lunge.


With TRx support my pelvis stays in line a little better, my hip rolls in much less, my knee stays over my foot and it doesn’t pronate. My squat is much deeper although the picture doesn’t show this.


My position is still far from perfect but with work the control will come.

Our performance screening at the clinic can help us to highlight the areas which have poor control and stability, this helps us to develop  training programmes specific to your needs.

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