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The training has been going well but I am having a few doubts about the programme I am following. I still feel slow and ploddy! This is because I know I should be doing more cross training, gym work and certainly speed drills and hills. I know this would instantly increase my leg speed. However my age means I am sticking to my non-running recovery day’s i.e. 2 days on the turbo trainer, and my home and work life limits any evening training. I have to get out at 5.30 in the morning which doesn’t always lend its self to quality training and still the programme is based on two, one hour runs and a long weekend run.

I have inserted 400m speed sessions into one of the hour runs and 30-40 min marathon pace into the other hour run. I have liked this as I feel I am training not just jogging out the miles.

Last weekend I did 19 miles, 17 felt great, the last two difficult. I think this was due to having a banana an hour before and only taking 2 gels with me. However I do believe running glycogen depleted helps your body use fat as its energy source, teaching your body to do this occasionally may help cope with the dreaded 20 mile wall. Click here to read an article with regard to avoiding hitting the wall.

At the moment I am sticking to the plan and its going well but I still have those doubts about my pace and the quality of my training, it is still feeling like it’s all a bit long slow distance, Click here for a great read to give you the confidence for making your slow runs slow. My worry is my programme is all too slow!

Time and more training will tell!

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