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Sports injury

Getting you back in the game

You might play sport just for exercise, or maybe for enjoyment. Perhaps you’re training for a big race or tournament. Whenever sports injuries strike, let Liberty Physio get you back in the game.

Our physio team has a wealth of experience within professional and recreational sports, and we’ll bring the same standard of care and expertise to your problem,                                                                                       whatever your level of sporting ability or fitness.

Your physio sports special

We’ll devise a personal treatment plan to beat your condition, including physiotherapy and hydrotherapy as necessary. Our specialist sports services include gait analysis and sports massage. And you’ll get the benefit of our professional sports experience, including advice on training techniques, nutrition and the correct sports equipment to ensure your visits to the treatment table don’t compromise your sporting performance.

Call us now on 01522 69 33 33 to arrange an appointment, or book directly using our online booking form.

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