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Performance Matrix Screening Experiences

Tom StrawsonRace 1 - Members - jumping - The Brocklesby Hunt Point-To-Point, Brocklesby Park, Sunday 7th February 2016.

Age 28

Profession: Property Developer

Sport: Amateur Jockey

I’ve being seeing Roger when I was referred to him three years ago after a nasty compression neck injury. I have had 7 fractures of various parts over the years, and I have continued to use Roger to nurture me back to health.

This summer, I decided to undertake a dedicated screening session, where Roger identified my body’s individual strengths and weaknesses. He then carefully put together a bespoke dedicated fitness programme, which focused on key underutilised strength areas to maximise my body’s performance as a jockey. After 6 weeks of routinely undertaking the programme, key parts of my body have become significantly stronger, pain free, and it has revolutionised the way that I train. I’m currently in the shape of my life.



tom-strawMy name is Tom Straw and I compete over 1500m – 10,000m at a national level for Lincoln Wellington AC.Within my training schedule, I regularly cover over 75 miles a week.

Taking part in the screening process enabled Roger to identify my underlying strengths and weaknesses and design a personalised training programme. The programme has allowed me since to increase my strength, making me a more robust athlete capable of dealing with high mileage.

I cannot recommend Roger highly enough – his work has enabled me to continue developing as an athlete and achieve my goals!


Testimonial Pending


I have been treated by Roger Cleary for over 10 years, and have always been able to return to being a competitive triathlete representing Great Britain as an age group athlete for long distance triathlons.  However, 3 years ago when the discs in my neck started to go, I thought these days were over, especially long distance given the amount of training and potential additional stress on my neck, (as did a lot of others who wrote me off!).  With Roger’s patience and treatment, advice and rehabilitation I have not only been able to return to training, but also this year raced better than ever, once more qualifying to represent GB as an age groupathlete at the ITU World Long Course Triathlon in China September 2014.

Judith Brand

A big thank you to Roger and Liberty for getting me there!

Anita has been able to come to the High Performance Athletics Centre and hold sports therapy sessions with some of my athletes which they have found greatly beneficial. I always ask for feedback from the athletes about any therapist they see as they are quite experienced & good judges as to the service they are receiving. They have all spoken highly of Anita & and the work she did & the effects of this for their recovery & subsequent training. I would recommend her to anyone involved in sport that needs that additional help in managing muscle soreness, recovery & maintaining the health of the body to up their level of training & progression

Jered Deacon – UK Athletics

I work for UK Athletics & coach a group of sprinters at Loughborough University.

I first came to see Jav after 6 months getting nowhere with my doctor. I was struggling with quite bad hip pains after running a half marathon wearing 18kgs of chainmail to raise money for charity. Within a few minutes Jav managed to figure out the problem and after a few sessions and a tailor made set of exercises I was back running again. Thanks to Liberty Physio I got back to my charity running fitness, running a second half marathon in the chainmail in 2hrs 34mins in May. I’ll definitely be back in to sort out the inevitable niggles when I start training to break the chainmail marathon record at the London Marathon next year.

Liam Peltell

Couldn't be happier!

I had a shoulder operation back in January 2015. The hospital physiotherapy prescribed some exercises that put some strength back into my arm but unfortunately didn’t improve the ROM in the shoulder. On my request, my GP referred me to Liberty Physiotherapy. I was very pleased to find that the ROM had improved even after just one visit to Javin. Despite my advanced years I’m looking forward to a full recovery.

Ann Vahtra

Despite my advanced years I’m looking forward to a full recovery

I have been treated by Roger for a number of years of various issues, and have suffered with back ache since my teens. My back pain had got to the point where it was affecting my everyday life as well as my sports, and I was in pain constantly whether I be stood, sat, or lying down trying to sleep.

The whole team at Liberty have always been really helpful; you don’t have to wait long to get in and see a Physio. I don’t think I have ever had to wait longer than a week and they will move things around to help you where possible.

As a result of continued treatment and introducing a number of exercises in to my extensive training programme for Athletics, the pain in my back is much improved not just in sport, but in everyday life. It is rare now that I have a day where the pain distracts me from work or what I am doing, whereas it used to be the norm.

When the pain does start to increase again, I know the exercises to in order to manage it. This means that I am able to train almost pain-free, which I haven’t been able to do for a number of years. Having a desk-bound job means I am sedentary for the vast majority of the day, which always used to cause me great discomfort but by adding in these stretches and exercises at the beginning and end of my 5 training sessions a week my back has been able to cope a lot better with being sat for long periods.

Becki Hall

Marketing & Communications Manager

My name is John Williamson, I am 58, a Civil Servant and came to see Roger and his team at Liberty through a personal recommendation. I am a keen triathlete and have a recurring calf injury which flared up in March 2014 only six months from the European Middle Distance championships in Mallorca.

I had an assessment with Roger and his team followed by a programme of massage and ultrasound therapy with Jav including customised strength and conditioning exercises.

Thanks to their help I made it to the start line and finished one of the hardest and most important races of my life.

I thoroughly recommend Liberty Physio not only for when you have an injury but also to help with injury prevention and core development.

John Williamson

Civil Servant

I came to Liberty for treatment of neck and headache issues and have received a number of treatments including manipulation and acupuncture.‎  I appreciate the pro-active approach taken in not only treating the issues to relieve pain but reviewing what may be causing the problem and making me aware of areas where I can help myself.

I have recently taken advantage of the screening Liberty offer and am working through an exercise programme, I recommend this to anyone looking to lead an active life as a chance to increase your awareness of where you may need strengthening and identify habbits you can adress that may be causing or contributing to pain.

Rachel Green

Marketing Manager, Nexon Group

Injuries: back, trapped sciatic nerve, leg, abdominal and foot pronation issues.

Returning to exercise quickly is a priority for me and through successful treatment and
appropriate rehab, Roger Cleary has always enabled me to achieve this.

Follow up appointments are only booked when necessary, with the aim of returning clients
to normal activities as soon as possible.

I cannot speak highly enough of the care and consideration I have received over
the years and have recommended Liberty Physio to many family, friends and teammates.

Exercise & sport are essential for both my mental and physical wellbeing and without the excellent
treatment I have received, life just wouldn’t be the same!

Ruth Hume

Student Advisor, University of Lincoln

I have visited  Liberty  Physio  on  a  few  occasions  over  the  past  couple  of  years with  calf & hamstring  strains due  to  my enthusiasm  for  running,  and on  every  occasion l have  had  expert treatment  under  the  guidance  of Javin – who  has  never  failed  to  give  me total  confidence  in  my  rehabilitation programme.

Even when I have had doubts about the seriousness of my  injuries, Javin  has always got me to  my goal of completing  the marathons. I have nothing but praise  for the way  the practice is run in a professional way.

Kirk Wilkinson

Injury to lower back (after trying to turn my mattress on my own).

I came to Liberty Physio as they were recommended to me by a friend. From the moment I phoned to make an appointment, I have received nothing but a friendly and positive service. I have been receiving treatment for a few weeks now, and I can really feel the difference from when I first started. I was given little exercises to do at home too.

I would recommend Liberty Physio to anyone!

Dawn Scears

Coffee Shop Assistant

1. Your name, age and occupation
My name is Lisa Gimenez-Codd.  I’m a Mum of 2 primarily and a Personal Trainer and Pilates coach, specialising in female health.

2. The injury you had/have
I’ve had trouble with my left hip/pelvis from both pregnancies.  Leading an active life, led to a recurrence of hip pain and further injury to my left hip.  This restricted the activities that I could do and was literally a pain in the bum!

3. Why you came for treatment
I wanted to address the root cause of my hip issues once and for all, in a way that supported me back to the level of activity I wanted to pursue – for both work and fun.

4. Your experiences at Liberty
I worked with Jav on a rehab package and was impressed with his attention to detail, whole body approach and the fact that he listened to why the outcome of the treatment was important to me.  From this, I received a personalised package of movements, supported with hands-on treatments which gave me positive actions to take to address my pain and restrictions.

5. The outcome of your treatment/Rehabilitation programme
I know that rehab based exercises will always form a part of my training regime now.  Jav was very quickly able to alleviate my discomfort and has given me valuable tools to not only manage this on an ongoing basis but to continue to improve and strengthen myself over time.

6. How has your journey with Liberty affected your life and normal activity to date
Through my journey with Liberty, I am able to continue my training (both for myself and in support of my own clients) without pain and discomfort.  My time with Jav was simply worth its weight in gold, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him and the Liberty team.

Lisa Gimenez-Codd

Personal Trainer and Pilates Coach, specialising in female health

Hi, my name is Clare Welfare. I am 60 years old and am a retired primary school headteacher.

After struggling for the last three years with cartilage damage in my knee due to cellulitis I had a full knee replacement operation in December 2014. I made a good recovery but wanted to get back maximum flexibility and movement and as I was already a member at Total Fitness,  I booked in to Liberty for the rehab programme with Jav.

From my first appointment Jav was just brilliant with both hands on treatment as well as providing programmes in the gym and swimming pool for me to work on independently.

I did follow all Jav’s advice and kept up daily exercise at home as well as the swimming and gym programmes he had recommended and I soon felt the benefits in added mobility. Within eight weeks I was able to walk my labradors twice daily and by the end of three months l was back playing golf with a buggy, initially to prevent over exertion as well as swimming a mile at least twice a week complimented by the pool exercises.

At my request I have continued to have occasional physio appointments with Jav to aid further flexibility in my knee and to improve my overall balance. I am now 10 months on from my knee operation and I feel fitter and stronger than I have for years, and I can get in and out of the bath….amazing!

Walking 18 holes of golf is a pleasure once more and my swing has even improved! This is all down to the wonderful support I have received from Jav and the whole team at Liberty-thank you all. I now have the quality of life I was hoping for!

Clare Welfare

Retired primary school teacher

1. Your name, age and occupation

Dave Asher, 34. Produce manager at Tesco

2. The injury you had/have

Back/leg injury.

3. Why you came for treatment

To get the injury sorted ready for my Ironman in July 2015.

4. Your experiences at Liberty

Unbelievable. I can’t recommend Roger highly enough.

5. The outcome of your treatment/Rehabilitation programme

When I came I couldn’t run. 6 months later I was running a marathon. The treatment I was received was high quality

6. How has your journey with Liberty affected your life and normal activity to date?

It got my fitter and where I wanted to be with my training.

Dave Asher

Produce Manager , Tesco

My name is Anne Snell, I am in my early 50s(!) and I am a mum to 5 children.

I came to see Javin about pain in my lower back about 2 years ago. I have scoliosis and this curvature means I am uneven through my hips and legs, not very but enough. I have had issues with my back and Achilles tendonitis before this, but this time my lower back was really sore.

When I first came to Javin, I can remember that I used t plan very carefully where to park the car, so that I didn’t have to walk very far! I had difficulties hoovering at home and cleaning the bathroom was painful. Walking the dog was painful. Ironing and standing was painful. Driving was painful.

Javin did some manipulation and helped relieve the pain and then we agreed to start a rehabilitation programme. He explained that it would be long and tough. Often there were two steps back for every step forward. Javins optimism kept me going.

Javin taught me how to hold myself, sticking my bum out, taught me how to bend, he taught me to listen for the sign in my left hip that meant I was moving incorrectly. Taught me how to move. Gave me exercises. Made me go back to the gym. I loved walking back through the doors again. I missed that!!

Basically, I’ve had to learn the difference between good pain and bad pain. Good pain means you can go back to the gym in the morning, stronger and ready, ignoring bad pain means you can’t move for weeks!!

When I last saw him, I had no pain. I can’t remember the last time I had no pain.

My aim is to run again.  I trust Javin. He has made me take things slowly and be careful and to listen to my body. Basically,  I was scared to do anything in case I hurt my back.

I’m still building confidence. But Javin and Liberty Physio gave me back some part of me that I thought I’d lost. For me, I’m not aiming to run a marathon. I just want to be able to run 5 or 10 K and be able to come home and clean a bathroom!

Anne Snell

Mum to 5 children

I have been visiting Liberty Physio+Rehab since 2007 when I was a professional dancer and aerial artist for treatment and advice on preventing injuries. I have had many injuries including torn hamstring, torn ligaments, ribs out of place, shoulder out of place and torn medial and lateral meniscus, the later resulting in surgery.

Liberty Physio+Rehab diagnosed my knee injury, referred me to an excellent surgeon, prepared me for my surgery and did my rehabilitation post surgery. They offered a professional friendly service of the most high standard. I have lived all over the world including Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Tokyo and I have never found a physiotherapy service that compares to Liberty Physio+Rehab.

I have always been 100% satisfied with the service offered, my problem has always been fixed and each time I come away from an appointment I leave armed with exercises and more knowledge on better managing my training, muscle imbalances and injuries.

It is the treatment from Liberty Physio+Rehab that enabled me to complete every dance and aerial contract I have taken and the treatment and knowledge they gave me which enable me to have a long and successful career.

Thank you 🙂

Katrina Brackenbury

Dance teacher, ex professional dancer and aerial Artist

My name is Mrs Ann Parkinson. I am 76 years old and am a retired social worker.

In December 2014 I had spinal surgery but I continued to experience some lower back pain particularly when sitting for long periods.

I came for treatment because my doctor recommended some physiotherapy and suggested Liberty Physio as an option for treatment.

My experiences of attending Liberty for treatment were all good. I was able to get an appointment very quickly. I was allowed to bring my daughter along to the sessions for support. Javin was excellent in that at each session he would seek information to identify what problems I had been experiencing and then would act on that information as the treatment plan for that session.

The outcome of the treatment was again excellent in that I no longer experience the unbearably sharp pain in my buttocks that I found unable to cope with. I do still get some stiffness but nothing like what I was experiencing prior to the treatment and I am now much more confident because my stability is much better so I find standing, sitting and walking much easier. I continue with the exercises as shown on the video.

I would happily come back for further treatment in the future if I think it is necessary.

Ann Parkinson

Retired Social Worker

I was highly recommended to see Roger after a compressive neck injury that was incurred during a fall in a horse race in 2014,

After an intense course of treatment and strategic medical advice in procuring further scans, significant progressive was made.

I have since intermittently returned to resolve other ongoing concerns and I have never been in better shape physically. I had the best season of my career in 2015

The Liberty experience is straight talking and practical where you get results.

Tom Strawson

Chartered Surveyor & Amateur Jockey

‘Excellent treatment from the most professional and friendly people’

From the first time I called I was confident I had booked an appointment at the right place. When I arrived I was treated with courtesy and felt at ease by everyone’s friendly nature.

I had muscular skeletal problems which were exacerbated following a stroke twelve months ago which caused complicated muscular and neurological symptoms. I have had to learn how to use my body again from scratch.

This is where Javin comes into his own. He is a very professional, skilled and talented physio and the most kind and charming person I could wish to meet. I trust him and his opinion implicitly.

I like the way my long term rehabilitation programme is mixed up between hydrotherapy, exercise and the hands on manipulation in the therapy room depending on my need at the time. He is always on hand to support my frustrations during my journey whether it be by email or phone.

I cannot recommend strongly enough Javin or the whole team at Liberty Physio to any potential client.

Carol Hughes

My name is Declan Bennett, I am 16 years of age and I am a student of the Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School Sixth Form in Horncastle, Lincolnshire.

The reason I came to Liberty Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is because in the summer I went to Argentina to compete in the World Transplant Games. I knew that Liberty would be able to improve my performance as I had already seen what positive results their services had on my Dad’s injury and furthermore his improved performance.

I went to Liberty to meet my physiotherapist, Roger, and he did a few quick tests to identify the basic weaknesses I had. A week later I arrived at Liberty to undergo a screening in order to identify all my weakest areas; this would allow me to do exercises, set by Roger, to strengthen those areas to help maximise my performance. I was set a programme for a month for the review, then a further two month programme.

With the great help and services of Liberty, I went to Argentina and swam the best I have ever swum in my entire life and achieved 7 gold medals, 5 individual world transplant games records, 1 relay world transplant games record and I was awarded the ‘Outstanding Junior Male Athlete’ award.

Since Argentina, I have continued to improve and continued to swim personal best times. Liberty is a massive part of my swimming life now, and acts as part of my gym work I am set to do, and is certainly the largest part of my success of Argentina.

Declan Bennett


In July my lower back “locked up” severely restricting my movement.  I am normally very active including daily dog walks and road cycling (25-60 miles).

I find that at Liberty you can get appointments to fit around work in either daytime or evening and this flexibility really helps.  Roger is excellent at assessing the injury and providing the appropriate treatment and advice.

Following a scan which revealed a partially prolapsed disc Roger provided me with a number of rehabilitation exercises that were tailored to my sport.  From the injury in July and treatment in August and September I was fit enough to cycle up Mt Ventoux on 2nd October and achieved my goal.

I have no hesitation in recommending Liberty Physio+Rehab.

Roger Tindale

IT Programme Manager

Hi Jav

Bit of a delay but here is the photo of me, Clare Welfare, having just completed the David Lloyd Triathlon (400m swim, 24k bike ride and 5k run) on May 1st 2016!

Felt absolutely fine (both straight after and the next few days) thanks to your advice, encouragement and support to say nothing of the  twelve week training programme with you in preparation for this event.  Most of my friends and family were surprised that I even attempted it , after all, the odds didn’t look great 16 months on from a full knee replacement, aged 61, overweight and never having done anything sporting like this before…BUT I DID IT!

A massive thank you to you and all at Liberty Physio-you have helped to inspire me to keep exercising for good health and fitness……but perhaps I’ll stick to the static bike in the gym, swimming and just some gentle jogging now!

Kind regards


Clare Welfare

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